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Spectrophotometrical laser gas analyzer SLAG-?? 1.000 - ??

ASSIGNMENT - permanent automatic checkout of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of concentration of toxic and explosive gases at a lower explosion threshold (LET) at vast interplaces of enterprize industrial zone(up to 30000 m2) including generating of real time map of distribution of different gases on central computer in MPC and LET (or mg/m3) units for the whole inspected zone.

MODE OF FUNCTIONING – measuring of IR-absorption in hydrocarbon gases at two wavelengths on path of its dessimination from transmitter to angle reflector and back to receiver at emission ray 360º angular rotation in any chosen flat.


Explosive gases denominated: methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, acetylene, gasoline vapor, power gas etc.
Toxic gases denominated: . NH3, H2S, CO, HCN, HCl, NO, O2, H2CO, CO2, NO2 etc.
Measuring range of concentration of explosive gas: 1 — 60 LET x m
(for example: methane — CH4) [for 50 m right-of-way → 0.01 — 0.6 LET]

Measuring range of concentration of toxic gas: 10 — 15000 MPCm
(for example: hydrogen nitride — NH3) [for 50 m right-of-way → 0.1 — 150 MPC]
Measuring accuracy: ±10%
Ambient temperature: from -40°? to +70°?
Gaging path length (doubled traverse of emission): 20 — 100 m
Measuring cycle for single right-of-way, up to: 10 s
Number of gaging paths, not more than: 20
Device components: transmitting-receiving unit, telltale and computing device, a set of reflectors, guardrails, power unit.
Signal output: 4 -20 m? and interface RS232, RS485
Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz; 15 V/A(max)
Protection class rating: transmitting-receiving unit: IP 54
telltale and computing device and power unit: IP 44

Instrument is persistant to exposure of relative humidity of ambient atmosphere 95 ±3% at +35˚?.
Instrument allows mapping of the following information onto telltale and computing device display: current concentration of gases chosen for the logging at each gaging path including generating of sound-and-light indication of excessing the set up by user threshold concentration limit for each gas, and also total data recordkeeping history for the last 100 releases, maximum gas concentration at each release and its duration, power cutoff and gaging paths closing.

Explosion protection — 1??ibIIA?4.

SLAG-?? 1.000-?? does not have analogies in Russian Federation or abroad the country.

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