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Infrared gas analyser DID 1.000 – ??

ASSIGNMENT - permanent monitoring of pre-explosion ratio of hydrocarbon gases at fabrication systems, logging of diurnal, week-long and monthly emissions at a unified control house and in a relay room directly.

MODE OF FUNCTIONING – measuring of IR absorption in hydrocarbon gases at two wavelengths on path of its dessimination from transmitter to receiver.


Measuring range of hydrocarbon gases? concentration: 1 — 100 LET x m
(range of registered concentrations for measurement right-of-way /100m/ …..0.01 — 1 LET)
Measuring accuracy: ±5%
Temperature of ambient medium: from -40°? to +70°?
Gaging path length: 20 — 100 m
Speed of instrument, less than: 8 s
Device components: transmitter, receiver, telltale and computing device, guardrails, power unit
Output signal: 4 -20 m? and interface RS232, RS485
Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz; 8 V/A(max)
Protection class rating: transmitter and receiver: IP 54
telltale and computing device and power unit: IP 44
Instrument is persistant to exposure of relative humidity of ambient atmosphere 95±3% at +35°?.

Instrument allows on-line mapping of current concentration of hydrocarbon gases onto display and generating of sound-and-light indication of hydrocarbon gases threshold concentration excess, and also echoing history (repository) of emission's number per day (up to 32 days), per month (up to 3 months), max concentration of hydrocarbon gases at each emission and emission's duration, energy tripping, hydrocarbon gases concentration graphic chart over current day as bar diagram.

Explosion protection — 1??ibIIA?4, Certification CS VE IGD ? 2001. ?292.
GOST RF Certification of measuring instrument type approval RU. C.31.004. A.? 11428 ( ? 22209-01 in Public Register of measuring instrument).
Russia's State Committee tor Supervision of Safe Working Practices in Industry and for Mine Supervision permit for application ? 04-5534.

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